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The First AI-powered Personal Expense Tracker

Track personal expenses monthly is easy now! Forget about manual work in Excel or pen and paper. Artificial Intelligence will help you to track and categorize your expenses in a couple of clicks. It will take only 1 minute to fill one bank statement.

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You don't need to share your bank account credentials. Control your financial information by yourself.

Artificial intelligence

Download data from your statements, import it to our system and artificial intelligence will do the rest of the magic.

Analyze your expenses

Keep track of your expenses on a regular basis. Analyze abnormalities and find areas to save money.


Control Your Money

Are you tired of feeling like your money controls you instead of the other way around? No more guessing or feeling guilty about overspending. By taking control of your finances now, you can create a brighter future for yourself and your family. Don't let your money and bills control you. Take the first step towards financial freedom!

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Optimize Your Monthly Expenses

Unlock financial freedom with our cutting-edge expense tracker! Take control of your spending, optimize your budget, and watch your savings grow effortlessly, paving the way to a brighter, more financially secure future.

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What Users Say ?


"This expense tracker has transformed the way I handle my finances, helping me save money effortlessly. With insightful suggestions based on my spending patterns, it identifies areas where I can cut back, guiding me towards smarter financial decisions. The simple yet effective money-saving tips have become my financial ally, making this tool an essential companion for anyone looking to boost their savings."

Mark Smith

"Managing a household's expenses can be overwhelming, but not with this tool. It caters specifically to the complexities of household finances, allowing us to track and allocate expenses seamlessly. The collaborative features make it easy for everyone in the family to contribute and stay informed about our financial health. It's like having a virtual CFO for our household, streamlining our financial management."

Jessy Arthur

"Taking control of my financial future has never been easier. This expense tracker empowers me to set long-term financial goals, and its forecasting tools provide a clear roadmap for achieving them. The ability to simulate different financial scenarios allows me to make informed decisions about investments and major expenses. It's not just about tracking the past; it's about shaping a secure financial future."

Maya Jonson

This expense tracker is not just smart; it's downright brilliant, thanks to its integration with artificial intelligence. The AI algorithms help me to fill expenses and now it easy and quickly. Any proactive suggestions for optimizing budgets and investments are incredibly accurate. It's like having a financial advisor in my pocket, and the more it learns about my habits, the more invaluable its recommendations become.

Steve Martin